TV Show Review: The Watcher


Skylar Zelman, Staff Writer

The Watcher is a new Netflix show that came out just in time for Halloween. It is the spine-chilling true story of the Broaddus family that the TV show is loosely based on. In the show the Brannock family moves out of New York City to the suburbs in Westfield, New Jersey. They make a risky investment on a beautiful house, and when they move in everything seems normal. They had tensions with some neighbors at the beginning, but that was nothing compared to what was to come. One day Mr. Brannock goes to get the mail, and he gets a letter from “The Watcher”. The letter is seemingly threatening, and the Brannock family goes to the police who are no help. A series of creepy events continues to happen, and the family starts to turn on each other. The Watcher does an incredible job of introducing new suspects as the plot unravels. New people are added each episode that take the audience’s attention away from who The Watcher actually is. The ending left a lot of questions still in the air, and I hope that a second season is coming.  If you’re looking for a show to get you ready for the Halloween season, then The Watcher is the perfect show for you.