Pets of the Pride: Chlöe and Lilou


Skylar Zelman, Staff Writer

Taegan Wilczynski is the proud owner of two cats, Chlöe and Lilou. Chlöe is part mancoon and part tabby, and Lilou is part tabby and part calico. They are both 3 ½ years old. Owning cats can boost an owner’s mental health, “I like to snuggle with them and when I’m sad I give them treats to make me feel better,” Wilczynski said. 

Chlöe and Lilou are certainly rambunctious as they always seem to be getting into trouble, “One time Lilou got out and climbed a tree trying to chase a squirrel, and another time both of them got into the ceiling through the storage room,” Wilczynski said. When they aren’t getting into mischief Chlöe and Lilou like to sleep, watch squirrels through the window, and play with each other.

Wilcyznski had some interesting advice for a cat owner, “I like to spoil them with treats, so they’ll warm up to me easier,” said Wilcyznski. However, she did touch on the usefulness of technology in caring for the cats, “I would definitely recommend getting an automatic feeder and water holder.” 

Taegan Wilczynski and her family have certainly made memories with Chlöe and Lilou over the past 3 years, and they are excited to make even more in the coming years.