Game Review: Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Jonathan Gibson, Staff Writer

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is a turn-based, strategy game, and the subject of this month’s game review. The game is $60 on Steam, but often goes on sale for $20 or less. Once you buy the game, the only other purchase you can make are its DLC’s. There is no “Pay to win” element at all. This game is a slower paced game, with games usually taking several sittings to complete. While the game can be played in online multiplayer, the majority of players play the single player mode. 

The game focuses on leading a civilization through the eras of history. From warriors with clubs to sending a spaceship to mars, you lead and develop your civilization over history. One of the biggest strengths of the game is the variety of gameplay, from diplomacy, intricately designing your city’s layout, military tactics, and much more. The game shines in its historical relevance. For your character you can choose from a vast array of notable leaders from history, each having special abilities unique to them. This means you could end up playing as Teddy Roosevelt, going to war with Julius Caesar, or getting nuked by Ghandi, all in one game! Another element that makes the game enjoyable is that each game is unique. Due to the large amount of things that change each game, you will never play the same game twice. Each game is completely different. The game also has a varying level of complexity. It is simple enough to be playable for brand new players, but also complex enough that there is always something for more experienced players to be thinking about.

The main drawback is the length of the games. It is easy to get bored by the end of a game due to the slow pacing. Civilization 6 is also very taxing, requiring a decent computer to run well. The multiplayer element is also quite bad, with more experienced players being able to obliterate weaker players easily. The multiplayer system also has several bugs that hinder the experience for everyone. 

In conclusion, if you like strategy games and are willing to play a longer game, Civilization VI is right for you. The game will actually teach you a decent amount of history, as well as requiring you to think about your actions. Finally, if you buy this game, I would highly recommend waiting for a sale, because the sales often cut over half of the price of the game.