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The Paw Print

The Paw Print

Pet of the Pride

Oakley Tallungan, a husky shepherd mix
Smiling girl

Oakley Tallungan is a part of the Tallungan family. She is a husky shepherd mix! Oakley is currently six years old and will turn seven on February 10th. Oakley is an extrovert of the family. She loves to be around people and is known for her goofy personality. She is a HUGE fan of sticks; Oakley would pick sticks over her toys any day.

¨[Oakley] literally cannot play fetch to save her life, she just wants to play tug-of-war,¨ said pet owner Caroline Tallungan.

Interestingly, Oakley hates the water.

¨One time we brought her to the beach and she jumped on to my beach chair to get away from the tide,¨ said Tallungan.

Her official name is Oakley Tallungan, but sometimes she doesn’t get called that. Some of her famous nicknames her family call her are:

Oakley Pokley, Pokie monster, and frog.

Oakley makes her family laugh and smile often.

Puppy Oakley
Heritage Pride Lion Oakley
Intense Game of tug-of-war
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