LCPS Updated Dresscode


Erica Ellison, Staff Writer

Recently, LCPS has gotten rid of the dress code it used to have. This has opened the doors to freedoms and a few problems. The big question is: should there be a stable dress code implemented or free range of clothing?

In the past, before the new dress code rules, people have gotten mad about not being able to wear whatever they want. However, sometimes wearing what they want can be inappropriate and not something people need to wear to school. I have gotten the opportunity to ask some Heritage students their opinion on this matter.

“I am happy that we now have a free range to wear what we want,” said Maddie Scassa, a senior at Heritage High School. Maddie says she loves to wear fun clothes and doesn’t have to worry about authority anymore.

I also had the chance to hear some opinions from some of my friends parents. It could either be a generational thing or a changing style, but parents tend to like a stricter dress code for their kids. Some parents would say what people wear to a learning environment is over the top but you can’t blame them.

I talked to Mrs. Burlbaugh, a teacher here at Heritage, and asked for her opinions on this matter.

“I don’t like the new non-existent dress code because some of the things people are wearing to school now is very inappropriate,” said Burlbaugh.

This is important to think about because I have seen many people wearing very exposing clothing that shouldn’t be worn in school but might be cute to wear other places.

Tristan Hasseman, a Junior at Heritage, says “There needs to be balance between freedom and responsibility and the school is giving us an opportunity to express our styles, but some students have taken this new freedom too far.”

It was nice to hear opinions from different viewpoints after to others in the Heritage community; however, something important to remember for people trying to express their style is, there is a time and a place for everything, and sometimes school may not be that place.