Catty Corner Cafe Experience

Erica Ellison, Staff Writer

Over the weekend, I got the opportunity to go experience a new hot spot talked about around Loudoun County, Catty Corner Cafe. I heard about this new spot from a friend at school and fellow journalist, Maddie.

Before going, I was expecting there to be a little coffee bar with a barista and a room to play with cats. The cafe however, was not so much a cafe. The drinks they had served was a self serve station with the choice of lemonade, hot coffee, and hot tea. This was a little disappointing because I know myself and others would have rather had an iced coffee or latte. They did however, serve freshly baked cookies which were pretty good. Overall, the “cafe” portion of this experience was a little bit underwhelming and I wish they added a little bit more to it.

Once we got your drink and cookie, we were instructed to go upstairs and into the room they keep the cats to play with. They keep a nice living space for these cats because there are many places for them to sleep, hide, and play. The cats had lots of climbing trees to go on and there was a lot of furniture for the guests to use. Many of the cats were a little scared to come out of where they were hiding but there were a few that were very friendly and came right up to us. There weren’t any cats that misbehaved too badly but one bit Maddie and I when we tried to pet him. (We still love him though).

Going to this experience is especially good because it all goes to a better cause. The cats that come in to this location all come from the Humane Society of Loudoun County. This allows people to adopt and foster these cats who are in need of homes. Adopting is very important as for some shelters put down the animals they are keeping with them. The Humane Society is good for not putting down the animals instead, using a no kill philosophy which makes sure the animals are in a safe environment to make sure they have everything they need to survive instead of just giving up on them and putting them down.

I definitely recommend this experience whether it be with your family or even by yourself because you are only really there for the cats right? Head on over for only $22 an hour to play with some adorable cats!