Is Animal Testing Humane?


Animal testing doesn’t appear to be a major issue. In many countries, including the United States, cosmetic animal testing is legal and in China it is even required. Many people who I have met and talked to about this issue are unaware of what animal testing truly involves.  Most believe it is simply applying cosmetics to an animal humanely.  This simplified understanding highlights how little we know and how little we discuss this pressing issue.

You may be wondering “What really is animal testing?” Animal testing is using live animals to see how a human body would react to something. Yes, testing on animals to see how humans would react. It doesn’t make much sense does it? During these procedures animals are tortured and kept as test subjects never to know anything besides cruelty in their short lifespans and high death rate being at 97%.

Plenty of organizations work to stop this cruelty yet their efforts seem to lead to no avail. When searching animal testing you are immediately inundated with a series of graphic imagery, exposing the violent aspects of animal testing.

 “Save Ralph,”a short film directed by Spencer Susser, walks us through his life of a rabbit named Ralph. He is cosmetic animal tester.  The film shows the eye opening reality of what these animals endure.

But how do we stop animal testing?  We can start by avoiding brands that aren’t cruelty-free. Many brands that are commonly used and suggested by social media influencers test on animals.  Dove, Morphe, Fenty, MAC, are just some brands that continue to test on animals. By going to sites such as “Cruelty-Free Kitty” and “PETA” you can find out if your favorite brands are cruelty-free or not.

How much pain should animals withstand for us?