Athlete Spotlight: Blake Rorrer


Will Pennington, Staff Writer

Blake Rorrer is a four year starter for Heritage High School basketball, and is the starting point guard once again for the 2022 season for the Pride. Rorrer looks to make his second all-district appearance after an incredible 2021-2022 season where he appeared as the all-district second team.

Heritage has a core group of eight seniors this year, seven of which played on the varsity team last year. These athletes have been together for several years.

“The majority of us have been playing with each other since middle school so it is pretty cool to see our chemistry at the Varsity level our senior year,” said Rorrer.

The Pride won their first game by seven points on Tuesday, November 29th. In this game, Rorrer led the way with 19 points, but Rorrer believes the success of their win belongs to their defense . ¨Our defense was what propelled us to this win.  We came out of halftime only allowing 18 points in the second half.  This was a huge win to start our season 1-0.¨

Rorrer expects the collective experience of these seasoned athletes to pave the way for a successful season.¨With eight seniors, we have leadership and experience.  With that being said, we should be able to make a strong push this season in the regular season and the postseason.¨