Asynchronous Workdays- Productive or Harmful?

Ellison Downey, Staff Writer

Although society has come to the consensus that the pandemic rendered more negative effects than positive, there is one thing that most of us probably wish had stuck- asynchronous work days.  A way to cut people some slack during a difficult period, asynchronous mondays allowed us to work at our own pace from home, rather than involving more than one person to get a job done.  This has created a controversy among the education environment and workforce- would allowing people to work from home one day a week be beneficial or harmful?

For those not in favor of asynchronous workdays, the argument is that asynchronous work days stop people from getting work done.  Many argue that trusting people to work from home, namely younger students, could result in the work just not getting done rather than using the time responsibly. Without an outside force encouraging you to do what you need to do, it can be difficult for students to actually get it done. The fear is that if trust is given to those who dont deserve it, it could lead to a bigger issue of large scale unproductivity.

   Most people argue that the positives of asynchronous days outweigh the negatives.  Contrary to the above paragraph, it is commonly believed that asynchronous days can provide students with a more productive mindset. Being able to work at your own pace, whether it be faster or slower than an in-school environment, often allows students the opportunity to learn at a higher capacity. Furthermore, an extra day at home renders students with much more time than a typical school day.  This can have exponential benefits on mental health, grades, and overall performance.  It also allows students the time to participate in their hobbies and spend time with people they typically don’t have much time to be with.

Now that school is back into full swing, it gives us an opportunity to think about what works best for us and our learning.  To give your opinion about whether or not we should have asynchronous workdays, fill out the form below.

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