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Sweet Tooth

Netflix Series – The Sickness Is Spreading

Sweet Tooth is a relatively new television show that came to Netflix on June 4th, 2021. The show sets the scene in the current 21st century. In the beginning moments it explains that humanity is faced with an abrupt spreading of a deadly disease, referred to as ¨The Sick¨. Amidst The Sick spreading, a new specific breed of babies are born. They are called Hybrids. Half human-half animal.

The plot of Sweet Tooth shows how the characters respond to The sick in a similar way to the Covid-19 pandemic. The characters are in masks frequently, when someone is sick everyone gets panicked, they don’t see others in public, and there world changed  drastically so fast and everyone feels conflicted on what to do.

The show made a comedic joke about being out of toilet paper and needing more sanitizer, as those were problems Americans faced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are two main storylines being told throughout this T.V. show. One storyline following the journey of a Hybrid named Gus. Gus is half deer-half human and has the nickname of Sweet Tooth, hence why the show is named that. The second main storyline follows a doctor named Aditya Singh.

Hybrid named Gus
Doctor named Aditya Singh






There are currently two seasons of Sweet Tooth out on Netflix, and rumors of a third season coming soon.

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