Athlete Q&A with Sean Robinson


Jake Hughes, staff writer

  Sean Robinson, senior running back for the Heritage Pride has had an impressive season. within six games he has had 680 rushing yards. In his most recent game against Loudoun Valley, Robinson had 112 rushing yards within 34 carries. When asked about how he felt during the game Robinson said, “I felt good. I was very excited during the game and I felt like a ball of energy. I was bouncing the whole game ready to score a touchdown.”

Before each game Robinson gets in his zone by putting on his headphones to blast his music. While the music is playing Robinson thinks about how much he has struggled in life. He said ” I feel all the pain I’ve gone through to get me to this point. I think about how much work I’ve put in through my life and I also think about my teammates who I consider my brothers and how much I don’t want to let them down.”

When asked about how last season helped going into this year.  Robinson said,  “Last season was a building block for us. It made us realize how we need to improve and how much work we need to do in order to make the playoffs which is our ultimate goal.”

The Pride is 6-1 and is looking on going 7-1 with their game against Dominion.