Book Review – “Me Before You”


Taegan Wilczynski, Staff Writer


“Me Before You” is my new favorite book! First off, the Author, Jojo Moyes, wanted “Me Before You” to reference the 2 main characters , Will and Lou, meaning “who I was before I met you”. Lou is poor and lives with her family, when she finds out that she lost her job that she had had for several years, she decides to find another job right away to be able to support her family. When she goes to her interview her recruiting agent finds her a good paying job, that her requirements meet, and that is not far from where she lives. For the job she has to show up everyday for many hours and take care of a quadriplegic named Will. On her first day on the job it is clear that he hates her, but over time it changes from hate, to like, to love. Then suddenly she is not just doing her job as a caretaker, she is on a mission. You will have to read this book to figure it out, and trust me it’s worth it 😉