NASCAR in the LA Coliseum: Is this good or bad for the sport?


Cole Broyhill, Staff Writer

NASCAR has been around for 74 years and in its 74 year history it’s only raced one time on a quarter-mile track that was in 1950 at Bowman Gray Stadium, in Winston Salem, North Carolina. It held 29 races from 1958-1971.The last race on a quarter-mile was on August 6th 1971. The news came out on September 14th 2021 that NASCAR will be hosting a race in the LA Coliseum being the first time since the early 70s. The process of building it on a football field took a month to complete with gallons of paint, thousands of pounds of concert and the cost was over more than 1 million to build. Now with the fan attendance dropping NASCAR is trying new ways to have more fans such as last year racing at Circuit Of The Americas in Austin, Texas and Nashville Super Speedway in Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville has not hosted a race since 2010 until last year and with Circuit Of The  Americas or as the fans call it COTA it has only hosted F1 races and some NASCAR testing. Now with them racing in LA for the first time NASCAR is trying to get new fans in LA. This could help NASCAR get back to where they were in the early 2010s and this is a great step I’ve been a NASCAR fan since the cars movie came out in 2006 going to a race is more impressive and exciting because you can smell, hear and see what goes into a race week end and to be honest since 2016 its gotten bland and with going to back to the short track bump and run style of racing this could bring back the old fans and bring in the new ones.