Athlete Spotlight- Reed Alexander


Luke Broyhill, Staff Writer

Making varsity for any sport as a freshman is very challenging but especially for football but that is something Reed Alexander has done. Alexander is the starting running back and middle linebacker for the freshman football team and is one of the backup running backs and is the second string middle linebacker for the varsity football team. Alexander got his first varsity start on September 9th against Woodgrove playing both running back and linebacker due to injuries at those positions.

Alexander said his skill level has improved and it’s very fast paced. “It has increased my skill level more and advanced it in certain areas. The environment is also a lot quicker so it’s very fast paced.” Said Alexander regarding the transition from freshman to varsity.

Alexander says it seems like he has no days off because he plays for two teams. “The hardest part of being on varsity is practicing with freshmen on Saturdays after a game on Friday.” Said Alexander.

Alexander had mixed emotions about his first start on the varsity team. “I felt very nervous but also very grateful for my opportunities before the game.” Said Alexander.

Alexander never expected to play on varsity his freshman year. ” No, I never expected to be where I am today.” Alexander said.

Alexander says the upperclassmen joke around with him. “I’d say they take me more seriously but I also get messed with more cause I am a freshman.”

With his 6 touchdown game in a 48-20 freshman win against Dominion on October 11th the sky’s the limit for Reed.